Membrane Structures welcomes the challenge of assisting you with designing architectural membranes and lightweight structures that are sustainable, unique and architecturally striking.

Resourcefulness & Creativity

Membrane Structures Pty Limited can make practically anything in textiles and architectural fabrics. From stadium roofs to architectural light covers. Even membrane sculptures!

The company offers a full range of services from schematic design through to manufacture and installation. 

Innovative Designs

Membrane Structures regularly work with architects, interior designers, and project engineers to develop innovative designs with a view to enhance the architectural qualities of the built environment.

Our company aims to provide best practice sustainability and designs can be incorporated into Green Star building projects.

No Obligation Consultation

The staff at Membrane Structures are experts at coming up with and driving design ideas supported by an extensive database of 3D models, imagery and other resources.

Tell us what you are thinking and we will endeavour to provide interesting and novel ways to use architectural membranes. 

Our team looks forward to talking with you about any project.

What We Offer

  • Architectural Membranes
  • Textile Facades & Interiors
  • Architectural Lightweight Structures
  • Car Shelter Systems
  • Art Installations
  • ETFE Foil Structures
  • Pre-Engineered Structures
  • Awning & Walkway Structures
  • Light Shelves

Membrane Structures specialize in tensile membrane structures, including cable and retractable systems, for facades, roofs and building envelopes.

We can provide architectural membranes in a wide range of materials such as PTFE, ETFE-foils and high strength mesh fabrics.

The company also designs and constructs architectural lightweight structures, in conjunction with fabric, or without, in a range of cladding materials such as glass and stainless steel mesh.

Membrane Structures provide architectural solutions not only for shade and environmental control, but also for light control, cladding ( such as textile facades ) and more recently, transparent architecture ( using ETFE that may be used as a glass alternative) in commercial construction projects.




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strong references, excellent results. 

“Membrane Structures carried out their works at Hitachi to an excellent standard within a tight program and held a high standard of safety at all times. They were a pleasure to work with and we would definitely engage Membrane Structures again in the future”… – Stephen Barr, BGC Construction